November and beards?

Literary smartasses say that in order to write you have to have a structure, set an introduction followed by your narrative and finish with a bang of a conclusion. When they describe it like that writing seems like a burden, like a another school unit you should be taking, sounds like you should pay 4000 shillings to attend a masterclass to get a bang of a conclusion. Writing is supposed to be a relief: an art …an outlet for your mind. Its been hard to write lately, ideas don’t flow like they usually do and even if they do they carry 200 to 300 words hence the Instagram posts I have been making. I wanted to challenge myself today to write a post without structure or a flowing narrative or even a bang of a conclusion.

It’s the first day of November, the weather is looking forgiving, people in class seem exhausted and cannot wait for the semester to end. At least the rave about no shave November ended. You know when men would decide that we’re going to walk around with untrimmed beards looking like cavemen or the one with a choir boy face decided to let little strings of hair grow under his chin and stroke them. Come to think of it what’s with men who cannot grow beards? Don’t get me wrong I love a good beard. A good beard says I have personality, I take care Of myself but I’m still rough around the edges…a good beard gives a mans laughter life …when a man with a good beard laughs its deep throated, hearty.. a laugh that makes a woman smile. A man with a good beard doesn’t take soups because you cannot disrespect your beard like that. Then there’s the choir boy, the one with the cute baby face that will insist to grow a beard because his counterparts are doing a no shave November challenge….they struggle to grow a beard which they will eventually end up shaving off because their woman isn’t hot about it. She doesn’t like the prickly hair that gets in her face when you kiss her neck. I bet those women are happy the rave about jot shaving has died down even though it was to support awareness on prostate cancer. Lakini it’s like the bora uhai memes they died down.

I’m trying to use Sheng and trendy words in my blog posts. My cousin is a brand manager, I think I’m not really sure what he does…he told me I write too professionally.. That I should write normal and try to use trendy words and humor in my writing. Now I’m not funny, I’m not the kind of person who will crack a joke and people hold to their ribs coz they’re dying of laughter, no I’m the quiet withdrawn kind. I need to keep telling myself “look alive” “look alive” you can do this …an introvert’s life is quite challenging. My writing isn’t loud either. Not like Biko or Kisauti. You have to sit down to their writing to be calm and enjoy the introduction of the narrative, flow of words the bang of a conclusion (smartasses). I’ll get there in due time. For now, on this first of November 2018, I’m writing blindly, no introduction, no structure, short ideas and no bang of a conclusion.

I hope you enjoy this and for the sake of my cousin who told me that there’s a new challenge called kwani mko wapi, I’m going to use that in a sentence now. Kwani mko wapi msome hii blog post.


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November 1, 2018 at 5:54 pm

Sisi wenye Hatuna beard tutaambia nini watu
Tuko nyeri tunasoma blog

Jersey Freddy
November 12, 2018 at 8:57 pm

Tuko hapa…. beards r 4 profs

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