Crossing Bridges

0100 hrs, I’m staring at a blank word document, with the cursor blinking menacingly, daring me to type something, anything but my fingers just hover on the keyboard typing nothing.
The night silence is broken by the loud ringing of the timer. 15 minutes are up. I failed the writing assessment. Again.
0115 hrs, I reset the timer, back to the document. I want to write so much yet I write nothing. My brain is whirring with ideas but my hands don’t cooperate.
Maybe I just need a good old pen and paper. 0120 hrs, my pen hovers on the page of my journal. I still don’t pen anything. Not even a doodle. Nothing.
Maybe some rest. I try to sleep but it doesn’t come easy. I drift in and out of sleep. I feel sick from the mental exhaustion.
It’s been about 2 months since I last wrote, the pressure has been getting to me. I feel lost. I started something I couldn’t finish.
It’s 1220 hrs as I think back to where it all began, why I started musingsandcandids …to have a creative outlet, to write my heart out but I’ve not been writing. I despise my work. I’m afraid of my work. I feel like it’s not good enough.
Then I read another writers blog post that had one simple quote “it’s all been done before but not by you”.
There are many creative writing blogs better than I am at the moment but they all began somewhere and after all it’s a learning process. So here I am penning this with no form or structure, a harangue of words. The timer goes off at 1235 hrs I finished this writing assessment, I didn’t pass but I finished. I crossed a bridge, it’s a small bridge really but it counts. There will be other bridges but I will cross them when the time comes and sometimes all you need is a small quote to cross that bridge in your life.

Hello there reader, I’m back…and I’ve decided to make this blog fully committed to creative writing; you’ll notice I’ve removed all other categories for now. New posts will be ever Thursday and bonus posts if there’s one will be on Mondays…be a sharing friend and share this blog post.

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I express myself best through the words I write.I hope to draw you into my world and grow together .So come on in ,grab a corner everybody gets to muse with me.


September 26, 2018 at 8:04 am

….. good start

September 29, 2018 at 7:42 pm

i can’t wait to read your blogs! quite a start!

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