Confidence in a shoe

I bought a pair of heels at night. You know the ones hawkers wash and display at night to create a facade that they sell original shoes. It was a risk I was taking, they called to me. One of these impulse buys that we always try to justify that we needed a treat for ourselves. And for 500bob that wasn’t a bad deal.

The giddy excitement followed to wear them. It was a fitting shoe, it has personality. It’s a sexy shoe.

High heels are sexy.

They, however, double back to my insecurities my Greek foot per se (If you don’t know what a Greek foot is, do you even have an interest in your feet?) And how I look wearing them. I don’t want to be one of those women who walk around in ill-fitting high heels clearly hurting their feet but they bear the pain in false bravado.

So I’ve stuck to wearing them in the comfort of my room. Where I assume the character of a strong independent woman. The one who wakes up at 4 am every morning, goes to the gym and reads African literature and still makes it to work by 7 am.

The one who uses men for carnal pleasure as they have nothing else to offer her. Yeah, the one who drives a big range rover to work. That’s how these shoes make me feel. They give me power, a power that lasts 20mins but I enjoy it till reality hits and am back to Bata ngomas. The ones that say to people that I’m risk-averse, content, live life on a low budget and go for comfort despite the quality. Batas that no one bothers to look at twice. Dismissive shoes.

I then happened to be scrolling on some websites as we millennials do. Estranged in red bottoms (pictured above). They don’t just call to you these shoes. No, they dare you to look at them, fall in love with them and even check for your size. They hold a promise of fulfilling your wildest dreams. They then hit you with a 69k bill. A grand price you have to pay for it. These are the shoes that look good on any woman. The ones that have other women staring in jealousy and holds the attention of men.

If I wore these shoes, I’d walk slowly enjoying every step. I would never walk on grass or soil, they’re Christian Louboutins for Chrissake! These are not the kind of shoes you wear alone in your bedroom.

I would not need to click my heels on the floor for you to notice them. Oh, the strut I would have in these. They would be my life. If I was a woman with 69k to spend, I would buy these shoes. But as fate would have it. I don’t so I’ll just hobble on my 500ksh heels hoping I don’t look like Quasimodo when I finally gather the confidence to wear them outside. I’ll have to settle to walking on grass. Guess I really have some confidence issues to work through.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed. I’m currently dealing with exams, having a hard time blogging. I’ll, however, post the Instagram posts here for those who didn’t get to read them.




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November 15, 2018 at 11:28 am

haiya!…. how is this one worn?

November 15, 2018 at 11:57 am

Ms greek foot…. hahahahahaha

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