1, 2..we are back?

Hosts can be demanding, requiring you to get off your toes and pay your wages for overstaying your welcome. Mine is no different, they demand a fee for the duty of hosting my musings here at this page, failure to pay the wages ERROR 404. At this point, it frustrates you, you’re not being hosted well, this is not what you paid for and for a while you consider moving hosts but you don’t know squat about IT. And you can’t afford one of the IT guys everyone seems to have,

“Aah, you have a problem on your site? Lemme call Jose for you, he’s my IT guy”

but then Jose is too expensive and speaks like he smokes weed all day

“Lemme call Dan for you, my other IT guy.”

All the Joses and Dans couldn’t be afforded though and therefore I paid the wages to my host for our little community here. I’m glad to have you back on the site. I hope my host is over the hard feelings and technical glitches and does not send this email notification in the dead of night (no one would want to read a blog then)

So if you received your email notification at a godly hour, comment hey down below. If not, these are tough times in our relationship. I need you to be caring and understanding as I fix the issue.

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I express myself best through the words I write.I hope to draw you into my world and grow together .So come on in ,grab a corner everybody gets to muse with me.

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